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Refurbishment Services Offered:

  • Product Picked up at Your Well Site

  • Disassembled and Cleaned

  • Visually Inspected

  • Discrepancies noted and photographed

  • Suspect/damaged parts replaced

  • Re-Apply Lubricants and check full range of operation of all moving parts.

  • Rebuilt to NOV IOM

  • Reinstall Flanges, Nipples, and Valves to customer assembly specifications.

  • Assembly Tested with Chart recording supplied

  • Painted

  • Returned to your well site or stocked for call out



Well Site Support:
  • Supervision of Product Installation, Testing, and Troubleshooting

  • With support of User’s MSA – Hands-on support for Product Installation, Testing, and Troubleshooting

  • Well Site inspection, trouble shooting, and corrections recommended for:

    • BOP Stuffing

    • Stuffing Boxes

    • Polished Rod breaks

    • Polished Rod clamps

    • Rod Rotators

    • Well Head and Pumping unit alignment and levelness

Well Site Support
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